Networks and operating systems.


This year, I have a course on Networks and Operating Systems which first teaches the basics, standards and popular necessities of networks - including, of course, the well-known and much-loved World Wide Web. Then it goes on to cover the same kind of topics in the subject of the "Operating System" (OS) - however I can't put much on this page about that, since I haven't started it yet!

Other page

This section of the site contains a few other pages which at least pretend to be relevant to this topic. Click on any heading to visit the page, or alternatively navigate using the bar on the left.

Exercise 1 answers

This page contains the answers to Exercise 1 of the first practical for Networks and Operating Systems, which I have merged into the website which fulfills Exercise 2 of said practical! This exercise attempts to motivate the candidate to research some basic HTML tag usage, and present that knowledge.

Exercise 3 answers

Same principle as the last item, except this time we have the answers to Exercise 3. This exercise introduces the candidate to the wonderful world of the HTTP protocol, via the medium of telnet. If you're lucky and I have had some spare time, you should also be able to find some information about two other popular protocols, IRC and SMTP, on the same page.

Apache Environment

This page is simply a dump of the apache environment into a html page. It is done automatically using SSI (Server Side Includes). Here is the code used to perform this feat, which should work on any SSI-enabled Apache server:

<!--#printenv -->