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What is furry?

  1. In the simplest terms furry fandom is the admiration of creatures that have both human and animal traits.  Since such do not actually exist, this is considered a subgenre of fantasy fandom.
  2. Then there is the envy of certain traits observed in animals.  Such traits include speed, strength, grace, beauty, cunning and of course possession of fur.  Most of the animals people are attracted to are mammals, hence the term "furry," but nothing is excluded.
  3. This leads to the desire to put oneself in the animal's place so as to be able to really experience what it is like to be so gifted.
  4. But most people want to have this experience with human type sapience.  This leads to the postulation of various kinds of creatures.
  5. Real animals that somehow can think and talkA lot of folklore and mythology is mined for source material for these.
  6. Furry fans like to read and write stories involving any of those creatures, admire and create art featuring them, and play games that include them.  This includes playacting.
  7. But some people are more than just furry FANS.  These people are simply called FURRIES.
  8. Furries are those who get into the concept so much that they deliberately develop alternate persona(s) that actually have those animal traits.  Each persona takes on a life of its own in a sort of controlled schizophrenia (although this is a bad term: the effect is similar to a "character" on MMORPGs.)
  9. Furries have many different ways to relate to their furry personas.  Some think of them as totally different beings who happen to live inside them.  Others see them as simply minor varients of themselves.  And still others see them as vehicles for normally suppressed aspects of their own personalities.
  10. The most interesting way of viewing a persona, though, is to see it as some sort of mystical entity that can confer benefits which are represented by the animal shape.
  11. Furries communicate through their personas.  The definition of the persona determines how the furry will express themself.  This can be quite different from how the actual person does it.  This may facilitate communication under circumstances in which the person would normally feel inhibited.
  12. In fact it has been claimed that, despite the impression one might get about the persona as "putting on a mask," the use of the persona actually enables a person to be (and this is important) more genuinely themselves.  That's because the persona has more freedom, not being subject to the stifling layers that social convention puts on us mere humans.
  13. Long as we're getting free of social conventions, we might as well get to sex.  Most furries are interested in the concept of sex between themselves as themselves, or themselves as their personas, with other such creatures (furries).  This is not bestiality in that the partner is another mature sapient.  So regardless of the species difference, it remains full participation sex between two people.  Like most people, a lot of furries are disgusted by the concept of bestiality, in fact even more so since they often care much more about the animals.  This is not true for all furries, though, just as it is not true for all non-furries: this is referred to in the fandom as "zoo."
  14. Dear me, did I say two?  Two is another social convention.  A lot of (most?) furries like group sex.
  15. In fact, social conventions seem to go down like dominoes once one gets started.  Most furries are bisexual, with a lot of the rest being gay.
  16. Let us now pause while the straight and monogamous folks come out from wherever they just dived into for cover.
  17. Ok, didn't mean to chase anyone off.  The point is that wherever may be on the spectrum, from full fledged furriness to just a reader of "Panda Khan," there is a place in furrydom for you.